Budgeting Outdoor Lighting How it is Done

Budgeting outdoor lighting can be ambiguous. Quality Outdoor Lighting is a long term investment that enhances the look and feel of your home or business. Light Up Springfield LED Landscape Lighting Systems can vary in price depending on the size and scope of job and property. The LED type can play a large roll in the budget building process. There three types we use. Regular LED, Zoning & Dimming LED, and Color Changing RGBW. The following is an idea of an average investment for a Regular LED system designed and installed by Light Up Springfield. Other LED types add cost due to material being “smart” and simply having more capabilities than standard on and off LED’s.. Check out the videos tab for an educational moment on Advanced Lighting Control.
Budgeting for Lighting the Front of your Home (size, style and difficulty of install will cause variances)
•Small (2,000 sq ft – 3,000 sq ft) $2250 – $3500 Avg 10-15 fixtures – Follow Us on Facebook to see Specials on “Small” systems!
•Medium (3,000 sq ft – 4,500 sq ft) $3500 – $5500 Avg 15-22 fixtures
•Large (4,500 sq ft- 6,500 sq ft) $5500 – $8000 Avg 22-32 fixtures
•Extra Large (6,500 sq ft & up) $8000 and up Avg 32 and above
These are strictly numbers for reference. You got to start somewhere.
Budgeting for Complete Installation Front AND Backyards – FULL comprehensive lighting package (based upon square footage of home, lot size and landscaping will cause variances)
• Small (2000 sq ft – 3000 sq ft) $3500 – $5000 Avg 20 fixtures
•Medium (3,000 sq ft – 4500 sq ft) $5000-$10,000 Avg 40 fixtures
•Large (4500 sq ft – 6500 sq ft) $10,000 – $20,000 Avg 60 fixtures
•Extra Large (6500 sq ft and up) $20,000 and up Avg 80 fixtures
All pricing is for general information only. Actual cost of your project will vary on scope of work, property size and degree of difficulty for proper installation. Installation obstacles along with landscape material can vary fixture types along with length of time for proper installation. These are investment averages we have seen in our 15 years of experience. These scenarios are here to help you get an idea and help you prepare a budget.
We use the same high quality products and installation process on each and every project we undertake – whether it is a small property or a large custom designed estate. Where products do change is when smart lighting is desired. Please consult with Scott for advanced lighting control.
We know the quality and performance of the products we install and are the best equipped to know how many lights are needed, where and how they need to be positioned, and how to correctly use each fixture for its purpose and its fullest potential to achieve the best result you are looking for as a homeowner.
We will not compromise our high standards by agreeing to use a lesser quality product or shady installation techniques to compete with uneducated lighting competitors. Lower end products with poor installation techniques only cost more down the road.
There are referral programs available.
If you are a custom homebuilder there are great opportunities for discounts on high volume work.