Our mission is to make a long lasting relationship with every single client. A relationship of trust and value. We want to build this relationship based upon doing what we say we are going to do when we say we are going to do it. Providing you with excellence in outdoor lighting design, products, installation and maintenance. We also want to change the way you experience your property after dark. By communication and detail with every client, we give a detailed design and approach to meeting the needs for that client and their property. We are outdoor lighting design experts, enthusiast of the trade if you will. It is our ultimate priority to add value, beauty and distinction to every property that we design. Safer nights, peace of mind and professional quality is what every client receives when choosing Light Up Springfield.

The Shadwick Family & Light Up Springfield feel honored in having the opportunity at serving you, the residents of Southwest Missouri. We hope you take a closer look at what we can offer with our industry knowledge and skillset along with the dedication to the trade we have chosen for our family. It our complete intent as being known as Southwest Missouri’s premier outdoor lighting firm. At Light Up Springfield, we believe when you mix the right people with the right service at the right price everyone wins. We hope you join us and watch as we “Light Up Springfield”.