Bistro Lights AKA - String Lights

We offer a unique and very energy efficient low voltage Bistro Lighting system. Most of what you see in the general market is high voltage. Most of those retail style products have lamps spaced every foot and they are 5 watt lamps. Use 100 feet and you have 500 watts on your hands! Part of what we do at Light Up Springfield is to provide solutions. We have a great one.

With our low voltage option each lamp is spaced every two feet and each lamp only uses one watt. This produces a wattage reduction of 90%. This puts us at 50 watts. This is something we can add on to an existing lighting system or construct from new.

This lighting trend is coming full speed and we are prepared! Call for your design and estimate today!

If you don’t have a lighting system to add on to, this can be the start of one.

From scratch installation covers the following.

48ft of 2′ spacing low voltage bistro cable with guy wire. We use guy wire to relive tension from the copper wire.
26 – 1 watt LED lamps (2 extra for replacements if needed)
150 watt Magnetic Transformer with digital timer
2 – 4×4 posts mounted in conctrete
All accesories and installation
Packages starting at $795

To add on to a current system, we will have perform a few small electrical measurements on your current system. Please call for quote.