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About Light Up Springfield

We are a local, small family owned lighting design company that provides quality outdoor lighting systems with an educated design that is both beautiful and functional, and will last for many years into the future.   The way we design our systems, we are able to add-on for the years to come.  We are passionate about the art of lighting design, and we believe it shows in our work.  There is simply no other company around with the experience and knowledge of outdoor lighting that we have endured in the last 15 years.  

Our Clients Say

  • I began looking for someone to do lighting for a landscape project that I was working on last spring. When I talked to Scott at Light Up Springfield, it became very apparent that it was a passion for him. At the end of the conversation I not only had set up for him to see my customer; I set up appointments for others. My previous experience with low-voltage lighting was the do-it-yourself kind, which was less than satisfactory. Scott is our "go to" as a subcontractor for all of our landscaping projects that the homeowner requests outdoor lighting. We will always use Scott as he is such a pleasure to work with and always provides quality we all can rely on.

    Chris New
    Fresh Cut Lawn Care
  • When we had purchased our most recent home, it had an outdoor lighting system installed in the backyard and around the pool. Loving the idea of outdoor lighting, our system did not work. Finding a qualified lighting designer to handle our project as it was close to 80 fixtures, was not an easy task. One landscaper told us about Scott at Light Up Springfield and how he would lay his entire reputation on the line when it came to Scott. Scott's recommendations and ideas for our lighting project were on point and detailed. Being glad for listening, his work is nothing short of exemplary.  Recommending Light Up Springfield for any size of project at any level is a no brainer.

    Nate and Mary Powers
  • Over the last winter, I had noticed my outdoor lighting system had started to go downhill. I had a well-known landscape company that would occasionally change lamps in my system. I hired Scott to look at my system to figure out why lamps were failing as the constant service was getting old. Upon inspection, I was informed that it had been assembled with interior grade wire nuts and that corrosion ruins wire.   With the heavy corrosion in the wire, none of the lamps were provided with the proper electrical requirements. There was nothing Scott could do to reverse the damage that had been caused by poor installation.

    Scotts recommendation was to tear out the old system and install an entire new system. Scott discussed LED with me and once educated, I knew I was in good hands. We moved forward with Scotts recommendation and we couldn’t be happier. Scott personally installed every fixture and completed every wire connection. I can assure you that Light Up Springfield has the technical knowledge, experience, and dedication to handle any project. They handled ours with professionalism and excellence which was very comforting pending our previous history with outdoor lighting.

    Janelle Cobb
  • I began looking for a local professional outdoor lighting company in summer of 2016. At the time, I had the do it yourself Home Depot lights which were not quality.  We came across Light Up Springfield and immediately liked everything I was hearing about them and scheduled an appointment.  After meeting with Scott, it didn't take long for me to decide that this is who I would hire to do my lighting. Scott has a passion for lighting and design and it showed through and through. Since this was my first time with professional lighting, I listened to whatever suggestions Scott had. Scott was the only one that told us he could install downlights above the garage doors to fill out the front of the home. It was more money of course but we are so glad we went with his recommendation.

    RIch Badgett